Further conspicuous design prizes:


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Manufacturing Technology PrizeFashion Garment PrizeCreativity PrizePromotion Items Prize
Worldwide Awards PrizeConference PrizeManufacturing Machinery PrizePrime Prize
Surmount Security PrizeRewarding PrizeMagnificient PrizeTalents Prize
College of Design PrizeAward PrizeAccomplished PrizeAwards' Prize
Childrens' Products PrizeBadges PrizeSeals PrizeContests Prize
Choice of Security PrizeMeta PrizeDesignprix PrizeBanking Instruments Prize
Sports Equipment PrizeProsumer Products PrizeCar PrizeArt Goods Prize
Cookware PrizeArt Installations PrizeBusiness Strategy PrizeFinancial Instruments Prize
Hospitality PrizeExhibition PrizeShortlisted PrizeArt Events Prize
Yellow Goods PrizeColorful Goods PrizeInteraction Design PrizeSocial Projects Prize
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